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A group effort leads to a cure for lab with lymphoma

A group effort leads to a cure for lab with lymphoma

Lorna Welde’s beloved black lab Galaxie developed golf ball size lumps all over his body literally overnight. Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) diagnosed five-year-old Galaxie with B-cell lymphoma, one of the most common types of cancers in dogs. Welde and her kids started doing research and learned that it was possible for dogs with … Read moreA group effort leads to a cure for lab with lymphoma

Coronavirus: You & Your Pet

We understand that this is an anxious time for many, but we wanted to assure you that Bellingham Veterinary is doing everything we can to accommodate our patients and their human companions, while also taking strong steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved. It’s become clear over the last week that we all have … Read moreCoronavirus: You & Your Pet

T-Cell Therapy in Cancer Treatment

For many years, we have treated cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. But lately, immunotherapy—treatment that uses the patient’s own immune system—has grown in importance. Adoptive Cell Transfer (ACT) is a therapy that collects and uses patient’s own immune cells to treat their own unique cancer. There are several types of Adoptive Cell Transfer therapies, but … Read moreT-Cell Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Bone Marrow Transplant

A Reference Guide for Bone Marrow Transplantation Stem Cell Therapy: an Owners’ Guide Table of Contents Section I. Background InformationLymphoma: Causes and Current TherapiesStem Cell Transplants: Theory, History and Practice Section II. The Stem Cell Transplant ProcedureStaging and ConsolidationApheresis DayRadiation Therapy DayPost-Treatment RecoveryOut-Patient Follow-up Section III. Appendices and ReferencesFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)ReferencesParticipating Hospital and Veterinarian … Read moreBone Marrow Transplant