NASCAR Giveathon: In the next 75-hours, NASCAR and the NASCAR Foundation are raising $750,000 for non-profits across the country. Help us save a pet who is in dire need of funds to receive a bone marrorw transplant. READ MORE and DONATE HERE

Bellingham Veterinary

75 Hours of Giving

We are so excited & filled with hope for a hugely successful campaign!

🚨In a 75-hour effort, NASCAR and The NASCAR Foundation have partnered to raise $750,000 for non-profits across the country. Through their collective resources this will be an epic day of giving. The NASCAR Day Giveathon will begin on May 16 at 5:00pm and end on May 19 at 8:00pm = 75 Hours of giving.🚨

Blaze (pictured above), who is in dire need of funds to receive a Bone Marrow Transplant will be one the recipients of funding to defray cost of this potentially life saving, expensive treatment.

Please help us by donating. Let’s all join forces and give adorable Blaze and other pets a fighting chance! Click here to donate.

Every donation will be donor matched plus fun incentives will be given away by NASCAR! For details click here.

Blaze is traveling from Maryland to Bellingham Veterinary, we are the only veterinary center in the world to be able to offer this treatment option. 

Read more about another pet we’ve helped with this live saving treatment.

Every donation really counts and we do appreciate your kind help so much.  You are making a difference. Thank you. ❤️🐾💙