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Bellingham Veterinary

Volunteer Blood Bank Donors

Bellingham Veterinary is proud to be a collection clinic for the Northwest Veterinary Blood Bank, which provides blood products to pets in need due to illness and injury. Donor dogs and cats are always needed as the demand for blood is high. To qualify, your pet should:

· One to eight years old
· Weigh at least 50 pounds for dogs
· Weigh at least 8 pounds for cats
· Good disposition
· Has not had a previous blood transfusion
· Females have been spayed and have not had a previous litter

If your pet qualifies to be a donor, you will receive blood work and a checkup at every donation. Minor grooming and flea prevention is also given at the time of donation. Some billing discounts are available for volunteer donors. Click here to read more about the perks of being a donor pet!