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Bellingham Veterinary

Your Generosity is Making Our Work Possible

When we made the very difficult decision to ask for your help in keeping our doors open in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we had no idea what to expect. One thing we can say for sure—we didn’t dare hope for the kind of response our newsletter generated – it was immediate, soul-stirring, and overwhelming.

Our appeal went out at 10 a.m. By 5:30 that evening, we received $12K in outstanding bills. We couldn’t believe how quickly you responded. You called in and delivered checks to our office. You reminded us of just how good and caring and unselfish humans can be and of why we got into the business of veterinary medicine in the first place – because we love animals and we cherish the opportunities we have to nurture the human-animal bond.

Thanks to your generosity and thoughtfulness, as well as the $10K in donations given to our charitable partner, the Perseus Foundation, we are able to remain open and pay our employees. 

Please take a moment to watch this short video, which features a few of the dogs we’ve helped over the years through one of the main missions of Bellingham Veterinary, that of cell therapy and bone marrow transplantation in an effort to cure canine cancer. Because of you and your thoughtfulness in our time of need, dogs suffering from cancer in our community will continue to get this essential and ground-breaking treatment.

We have always known that our clients and pet patients are pretty much the best around, the kindest and most caring one could ever ask for. You and your best friends give our work meaning. Thank you again for what you’ve done for us and for the pets in our community.

Drs. Westfall and Sullivan, and the Staff of Bellingham Veterinary